6 Reasons Single People May Need Life Insurance

6 Reasons Single People May Need Life Insurance

Dependents – Sure you single but did  you think about your parents who will be leaning on you once they are no longer in a position to care for themselves.

Siblings – You wouldn’t love your single sister/brother any less than your parents now would you? They may be all you have and you all they have these people are still looking for your future income to help them along the way.

Employer – At your job you are the MVE (Most Valuable Employee). If something happens to you they may now have the financial strength to go out and immediately hire someone. Having coverage would help them until you are replaced.

Business Partnership – So you went into business with your best friend. You’ll are doing great which is why you have no time to find that “special someone”. But if something happens to you you’ll have an agreement that the partner will buy the other person out. Where does that money come from? A life insurance policy can insure this transaction runs smoothly.

God Kids – So your childhood friend thought it would be cool if you where responsible for their kid if something happened to them. We’ll unfortunately their health prognosis over the last several weeks have lead you to believe they may not be here in 10 years when the God kid you love so much is suppose to do all the things kids do, going to college, buying cars/houses, getting married. We’ll like their parents you have a responsibility to make sure if parent #2 (yourself) isn’t there then the money you would have possibly gave if those Grades where right will be paid out.

Organization – So you love your church or civic group. You could never contribute as much as you wanted but you give what you can. what if something happens to you? Do they lose your contributions after your gone. Not with the appropriate amount of life insurance paying out to your organization. Things will move along smoothly and they might even name a room in the building after you.

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