Lawn Care Insurance

So you’ve been cutting a lot of grass and you’ve decided to make a business out of your side job? It’s time to get serious and protect yourself like the pros. If your a lawn care “Ninja” “Specialist” “Barber” or whatever term best suits your style of yard pedigree then Metro needs to be your next call. We provide all types of business insurance for those in agricultural services. Don’t get caught without proper protection, a rock going threw glass, stolen equipment, or an injured garage door that moved to close to your mower. With so many potential claims you could have, its hard to believe you still even want to consider yard care. If your still set on making your dreams come alive make sure your truck, trailer,employees, and equipment are covered. Metro Auto represents the companies that can get you eligible for the big contracts and  cover the potential claims. Call our office today and get covered.

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