Insurance Tips For Homeowners

Insurance Tips For Homeowners

STOP FILLING SO MANY FRIVOLOUS CLAIMS! Just because your neighbor got a roof your calling to get a roof, is your roof actually damaged from a peril or is it just old? Claims that are low in value or caused by the actions of the homeowner can have serious consequences for the homeowner to afford or find coverage. Keep your systems up to date. Plumbing, Heating & Air, Electrical, Roof. When updating any of these let your insurance company know.

Purchased something to help reduce claims, let your insurance company know. There are automatic water shut off systems, alarm systems, or hurricane resistant upgrades. These lead to discounts for many carriers and can help lower your premium.

Higher deductible plans are helping people lower their premium, find an amount you can afford and leave that amount at your disposable if something happens.

Water damage is the new fire damage. Make sure your prevent claims before they start, water claims have thrown unsuspecting homeowners into to stressful conversations where they don’t understand why they can’t find insurance to cover their home.

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