Kids Don’t Make Decisions

Kids Don’t Make Decisions

There are a million answers to this question. The most important response will always be, will the $500,000 be available? That depends on you……..

Parents are left alone, grand parents are left picking up responsibilities. Aunts are left with kids calling them mom even though she’s their aunt. God Parents are suddenly parents without warning and to top it all off your child is now task with being raised on whatever resources you left to them.

Situations like these happen everyday. As much as we take care not to be involved in a sudden tragedy. They sit around the bend for even the most undeserving people. Giving your child a chance to grow in a environment where resources like money are not issues the child has to contend with can greatly help the recovery process and insure your legacy lives on with the best start possible.

Starting with a term policy quote gives you the lowest rates. $10/month may not give you $500,000 in coverage but its starts coverage for many young adults adding new responsibilities into their life. Remember most parents who have had their children on their own policy for years as a rider are removed when that child turns 25. So its up to parents both new and old to insure that the next generation has the protections needed to help raise children in future years.

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