Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance is vital to protecting EVERYTHING YOU OWN. Your landlord in most cases is not covering YOUR STUFF. If you own it is yours to cover. Renters Insurance Covers YOUR STUFF, your liability, your friends who get hurt, your additional cost to live somewhere when your current home is not livable.

Lets cut to the chase.

Why don’t you have renters insurance?

Don’t you own clothes?

Are you not sitting on your furniture?

Are you not paying for a storage unit full of stuff you will never use?

Are you not inviting friends over to watch a movie a Chill…..?

Didn’t you grill out during the last Holiday?

Do your kids not have any playmates?

Didn’t your dog just bark at the door?

Aren’t you typing on a computer?

No computer……., guess your $500 phone will work?

Don’t be unprepared let Metro Auto Insurance get you covered.


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