$19 Car Insurance

Why do so many people click the link for the $19 car insurance? Sure it would be great to get auto insurance for $19/month. Our entire staff would love to get $19/month car insurance. But just like you its NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. People are out there that do get these rates. Perfect driving record, perfect credit, great risk to all insurance companies, and the car they are insuring is not very expensive. But face it that’s not you, it’s them. You can’t be someone else, if so you’d be paying $19 month for insurance. If you want to achieve that level of insurance payment bliss, ask any of our associates and they will give you some advise on how to get your personal situation headed in that direction. So for now lets just try to make sure your coverage’s and payments make sense. Leave the $19 car insurance click bait alone and enjoy your day browsing on the web.


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