Buy Here Pay Here in Carolina

Thinking about buying your next car from a Buy Here Pay Here dealership? There can be many pros and cons to this, especially when considering insurance budgeting and total cost of ownership of your vehicle purchase. Buy here pay here dealerships in places like Florence, Greenville, Waxhaw, Lexington, Gastonia, Columbia, Charlotte, Orangeburg, Charleston, or Augusta all have their perks. The big one being that the payments you make can be accepted many different ways and often on a more than flexible schedule without effecting or considering credit. The same can’t be said with all insurance carriers, so its important to have a auto insurance plan that is within your budget. Metro Auto Insurance Agency looks for the best carrier for your situation and combines that option with your dealerships requirements. Remember that in order to leave a buy here pay here dealership they will require you to have coverage on their collateral “the vehicle”. Some dealerships even offer their own CPI “Collateral Protection Insurance” coverage to reduce what you are required to purchase from outside providers like standard insurance carriers. Make sure you understand the terms of their CPI coverage as it maybe less cost but coverage’s or expected coverage’s you might assume you have you might be forgoing. If you ever have any questions its always good to call Metro and ask before you decide to purchase your vehicle. Metro covers the collateral of many dealerships in the Carolina’s and have likely seen your situation before so you are not alone.

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