SR22 or SR-22, The Situation

Many times clients have had to make that dreaded statement to Metro, “I need to add SR22 coverage to my policy”. Often times not knowing the full ramifications of the root cause of the sr22 requirement. Regardless on the reason for the sr-22 coverage most companies have specific rules for honoring your request. The basic use of sr22 is so that the DMV gets a report of your insurance coverage from your carrier on a scheduled basis. This doesn’t sound to hard in an electronic world, but often times the insurance carriers are looking beyond just the need for sr-22 and penalize you on the cause. DUI, accident without insurance, too many speeding tickets, these are just some of the reasons that carriers could use to determine that you are a higher risk and thus fore should be given a higher rate. We at Metro will search our carrier selection for options you can consider.

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